Saturday, December 1, 2012

a little something to brighten the mood :)

It's been a little dark lately, eh? And you guys know that we haven't been posting THATHATHTHAT much due to a lot o' stuff...


What You'll Need:

  • Pointy Pen
  • Crayons (a color that you like)
  • Paper Cup
  • Tape
  • Wax
  • OPTIONAL - Scented wax
  • Wick 
  • Knife
  • Metal Soup Can
  • Stove
  • Pot
  • Water

Pretty much all of this you can get at your local crafts store (the other stuff you should have lying around)

What To Do:

1. Boil Water
2. Put Wax over Water
3. While that is happening, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup. Tie a knot at the bottom and slip the wick through. Tape up the hole so that no wax will leak out.
4. Put paper towel down
5. Take wax off the water and cut. It should be soft now so it should be easy to cut.
6. Place 4-8 blocks of wax in your can, along with your crayons. They will melt faster if they are in small parts.
7. Put can in boiling water.
8. When everything is melted, pour into the cup. Wait a day or two for it to dry
9. When dry and hard, pull off the paper cup and THERE IS YOUR CANDLE!

Hope you enjoy! Any questions, comments?? Do so below!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello everyone, sorry if we haven't posted in a while :| It's been pretty busy at TRDR Headquarters.

We're sending our prayers out to all the people and families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Watching the news every day and putting our hopes out there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

acnefast trdr

how to get rid of acne easy...and fast! the acnefast method (clean, easy, and acnefree) by The Rainy Day Reporter! we will be posting several acnefasts, so you can keep your skin totally beautiful. Follow all these steps to heavenly

the first step of The Rainy Day Reporter's acnefast method is to get a clean, nice face.

1. Wash your face thoroughly. There should be no makeup, powder, and as little oil on your face as possible when you begin this treatment. You may use water and soap, makeup remover, or your facial cleanser to complete this step.

2. Pat dry. DO NOT SCRUB! Scrubbing your face while it's irritated with acne may cause more irritation and redness. Use a soft face towel and dab your face dry.

let's get rid of those pimples! safely & DIY! **If you have an aspirin allergy - DO NOT USE THESE!! Please look for more acnefast updated methods... there are not currently any but we will be adding more soon.**

ingredients: 5 uncoated aspirin pills, distilled water, and 1 tsp organic honey, a mug
what it does: aspirin is an anti-flammatory, meaning it will automatically reduce redness and some irritation on your face. it contains salicylic acid, which is used in most acne products, that cleans your pores and exfoliates your skin. the honey helps keep your skin nice and glowing, while preventing breakouts and reducing flare ups that you have now.

3. Get your mug and drop in the aspirins with enough distilled water to make a pasty texture. Let the aspirin dissolve, mixing if needed. Add the teaspoon of honey to the mixture (or you can use olive oil if you have very very dry skin), and apply as needed!

4. Now wait 7 - 15 minutes, and gently wash off with moderate temperature water (meaning do not use very hot/very cold water to rinse!). Pat dry, and use again in about a week or so if more pimples appear!

5. Moisturize your face. Lock in the beauty & moisture, but don't overdo on the 'strizer, especially if you have oily skin.

now that you've gotten rid of this acne, you really want to keep it that way. here's a few things you can do to help:

5. Drink green tea. It's filled with antioxidants and rids your body of a bunch of toxins!
6. Use the clean & easy methods from this post twice a week until the flare ups slow down. Then, use only as needed.
7. A lot of people think---falsely---that more products = less pimples. Absolutely wrong! Try using nothing on your face. If you go natural, don't pick at your face, and drink plenty of water, the pimples will go away faster,
8. A particularly itchy and irritated day for your face? Try a soothing mask! We have several, including the easy-but-helpful yogurt and steam masks, on this site! Search using our search bar and just relax. Let the adrenaline slow, and help yourself to a glass of warm water and a yogurt face.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS6 & iPhone5 - Apple's back!

Even after the loss of Steve Jobs (rest in peace, and thank you for changing all of our lives), Apple is still going on strong. The Rainy Day Reporter is here to update you on their newest progress.

iPhone 5 - Apple's iPhone 5 looks pretty similar to the iPhone4S, until you look closely. The screen is longer and the phone is thinner. It comes in two colors each, and the above shows you black and slate. According to Apple: "It's made completely of glass and aluminum." It's also got 4G, and it's coming to your favorite networks: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint now. It'll also have Apple's free software, iOS6, built in. It's lighter than the 4S and 4 before it and it's faster. The current price range? $199-$399, but TRDR thinks its worth it.

iOS6 - It's free, and can be downloaded onto iPhone3G and after (Although 3G won't get Siri). We've tested it out on our own iTouches & iPhones, and we've got to's pretty cool. A downside? They deleted the YouTube app and Google Maps. A plus side...Apple's got it's own new map program, already installed in. (Psst, you can get those individual apps on the app store, but they aren't the same as the built-in kind Apple deleted.) Panorama camera is now available and it works MUCH better than other apps you can get. Siri's better, too! You have the option of answering a call, reminding you later of a call, or replying with an automatic SMS to the caller. Facebook is now integrated into the system better, so it's easy to share. There's also 'shared photo streams,' which means you basically select photos you want to share and just email/SMS them to certain recipients! So much easier than uploading the photos to your computer or emailing a lot one-by-one. There's also FaceTime over cell networks, letting you FaceTime anytime anywhere. An updated interface for music, app store, iTunes, settings, and mail finishes off the upgrade.

Overall? 2 Thumbs Up!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


This post is dedicated to Ronan Thompson, a three-year-old little boy who passed away due to neuroblastoma in 2011. Taylor Swift wrote the song 'Ronan' for him after reading his mother's blog post*. She performed the song at the "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon on Friday night. Since then, it has gone viral everywhere.

Rest in Peace, Ronan, and all the other cancer victims. Please pray for the children and adults going through this as well as their loved ones. No one deserves it. Let's find a cure <3 br="br">

*Maya Thompson writes about her son here.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

best conditioner for all types of hair!

hey everyone, it's the TRDR Team!(:

Recently I've been searching for the perfect conditioner. I have pin-straight hair that doesn't really ever give me problems, but I still want to make sure it's healthy, shiny, and flowing like those TV commercials! Recently I've come across a really great conditioner for frizzy, dry, straight, curly, healthy, shiny, dull, and every-other-type hair.

Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo 
In my eyes, it is undoubtedly the best conditioner I've ever tried. On the bottle it claims that it's for 'dry or frizzy hair' but mine is neither and it still nourishes it. In less than a week of using it, my hair is already naturally softer, shinier, and doesn't tangle as easily! Look at that! It's really amazing, and I'm happy with the results. You can purchase it here really cheaply! I recommend this to anyone that's searching for a great conditioner.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another ShoutOut...

To Gracie, a member of our TRDR Team!
Unfortunately, her dog Higgins passed away this year as well. Please send all your prayers her way. He was a great dog and will really be missed.

Monday, September 3, 2012

trdr reunion

hello everyone!
It's Evy of the TRDR Team. I met with Gracie, the other TRDR author, this week. (: It was a lot of work...but fun! (: We miss her and her little brother a bunch!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Cool crafts (You'll love these!!)

  Ok, so here are a few really cool, really easy crafts that you can do that are really fun and super easy (so you won't have to spend your entire night figuring out what the instructions mean by "connect point A to point B in a cylindrical fashion") <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Mini Craft Book-- CRAFT 1: A "Dry-erase Paint Chip Calendar" 

How to do this?? Paste the paint chips onto a large white paper or piece of card stock... Place it in a frame and viola!! A simple and wonderful little/large calendar!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

DIY dry erase paint chip calendar

Mini Craft Book-- CRAFT 2: A Teapot Placemat

If you have a teapot, and you want to keep it warm-ish, all you have to do is make on of these!! 

*Get a large piece of circular felt (preferably black) and place rocks on it.
*Hot-glue the rocks to the felt -- make sure that they STAY ON and are securely placed!! 
*Put your teapot on your NEW placemat!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Super cool!! I can't wait to try it! <3

Mini Craft Book-- CRAFT 3: A really cute "Get Well Soon" card!!

Ok, this really cute card goes without saying-- "I really like you because I took the time to make this"
And it also says "I am a really cute card"

And I don't think that I need to explain how to make it because it is REALLY simple <3 p="p">

It's a "Get well soon" card!! <3

** Thanks to and all of the crafty people out there :P

Thursday, August 30, 2012

even hollywood's kids dress well...

Forget Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, and Jess Alba - what about their kids? Turn your attention to this exclusive UsMagazine article, where the Hollywood kids dominate fashion. Among the divas listed are Suri Cruise, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, and Liam McDermott! 

~ Celebrity News brought to you by The Rainy Day Reporter via UsMagazine

What's a fun way to create glitter words? TRDR has got the scoop - the best one we've seen yet is It's completely free and lets you personalize the font, size, text, alignment, and sparkle. Here's one that we made just to show you guys:

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Glitterfy is totally blog-, MySpace-, forum-, and email-compatible. It's fun and definitely easy to use with a bunch of different combinations! You can comment below YOUR Glitterfy creation.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

home remedies for teeth whitening

come on know you want those beautiful, straight, white smiles on picture day! TRDR has gathered together a couple of popular AND lesser-known teeth whitening techniques. check it out!

1. Baking Soda
One of the most popular ways to whiten your teeth at home.

You'll Need:
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
What To Do:
*WARNING!* This is not for more sensitive teeth. Read all the warnings below before you begin and please follow all instructions with care!

  1. First, clean your toothbrush. Make sure there's no leftover food chunks or toothpaste from when you last brushed. I know this sounds gross, but trust me! It's for your own good!
  2. Wet your toothbrush and sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the toothbrush. You can also sprinkle about a teaspoon's worth onto a paper napkin and dip your toothbrush into it.
  3. Gently brush your teeth in small circles. DO NOT apply very much pressure, as this might damage your teeth! You want to very gently rub the teeth. The baking soda (Arm & Hammer, preferably) will rub the stains off of your teeth, resulting in whiter and brighter smiles. :)
**Warning**: Make sure you do not use pressure or 'scrub' the teeth! This isn't like normal brushing. Be gentle while still making progress!

Time: It doesn't take very long, and you only have to do it once to see the difference!

2. Bananas for White Teeth!
A lesser-known technique. TRDR found this handy trick on YouTube! All rights to the YouTuber. :)

You'll Need:
  • One Banana (only peel is used)
  • A cup of water
What To Do:
  1. Okay, so all you really need is the peel of the banana! Feel free to eat the banana, but do not throw away the peel.  (You probably want to brush your teeth before using this technique too!)
  2. Take a length of the peel and bare your teeth. You'll want to rub the peel ON YOUR TEETH! I know this sounds weird, but it works! Rub the peel over all of your teeth and once you've finished, you can throw/compost the peel.
Time: This process also shouldn't take too long. If you really want shining chompers, you can try this technique twice a week for long-term results.

3. Tough, Tough, and Really Tough Love
This is a common technique, but used TO THE MAX!! 

You'll Need:
  • One Lime or Lemon
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Small Bowl
What To Do:
*WARNING!* This is not for sensitive teeth! Read all the warnings below before you begin and please follow the instructions with care!

  1. This is for really tough teeth...and bad ones too! Lay out a paper towel and shake some baking soda onto it. Then squeeze your lime/lemon until the baking soda makes a pasty texture. 
  2. Take your toothbrush and dip it into the pasty mixture until it's on your toothbrush. Brush in small circles.
  3. Rinse with water!
**Warning**: This is a very rough & tough tooth remedy! But it whitens tons. Make sure you brush normally with toothpaste after using.

4. Mystery Remedy
I'm not sure if it works! But it sure is a mystery!

You'll Need:
  • Whitening Toothpaste
What To Do:
  1. This is a mystery remedy. Does it work? Doesn't it? You'll want to take your finger and gently apply toothpaste to each individual tooth, making sure you cover the front of the tooth. Make sure it's got whitening agents in it.
  2. Let the toothpaste sit on your teeth for a good 10 -15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. Some people say they've seen the results...other's say it's baloney! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

vacation anyone??

i just got back from a WONDERFUL time in Rhode Island! Anyone been there before??
We went (I just sat there and asked for Coke) sailing in Newport and took a cool little side-trip to Boston where we went to Chinatown... Really fun!

Any vacation stories?? Email us them!!

it's been a while...

sorry for the long wait for posts, guys!!
** Just getting used to the new schedule**
Anyone else?? New school, new place, new people, new teachers, new rules, new...  -.-

Yeah, 2nd day -- forgot ID
          3rd day --  forgot money for SLUSHIE
          4th day -- forgot violin
          5th day -- FINALLY remembered EVERYTHING :P

Anyone else?? Come on... Bad picture day or something?? I know I had one (hair sticking up... ugly shirt... bad face) :( Come on, fess up and comment...

<3 nbsp="nbsp">

happy birthday!

Hello, Evy of the TRDR Team here ~

I'd like to give a shoutout to one of the members of the TRDR Team, Gracie. Her mother's birthday is today! Happy birthday! :) Leave your birthday wishes for Gracie's mom in the comments below!

important bulletin

hello everyone! something has recently been brought to our attention--

THERE ARE FAKERS OUT THERE. the rainy day reporter is absolutely flattered, but please do not pretend to be a member of our team if you *are not*. keep an eye out for fakers and please report them for us:

ways you can tell it is the real The Rainy Day Reporter!

  • in comments, we ALWAYS post with the TRDR Team account. we have the Blogger symbol next to our username and if you click on our username it will redirect you to our Google profile.
  • WE DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER SITE FOR THE RAINY DAY REPORTER. We have a separate blog which you can find here but we do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social profile ***yet***. The only official TRDR site is right here. ^_^
  • only we can answer our emails, of course! if you have any suspicions, please email us here or at our form, which you can access by clicking here!
Thanks :)

contact us :)

Check out our new page (on the left-hand side), called Contact Us. There we have all of our contact information for easy access and an email form! We are currently working out some kinks, so bear with us. ;) Thank you ~ TRDR team

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

end of summer post

hello, everyone! TRDR team here.

we understand that some of you have already started school (us as well!). are you excited? are you sad? we personally miss summer :) we have so much free time that we can keep TRDR updated! now that school has started, you may see us posting less frequently. but we promise promise promise that we will try! you'll at least see one post a week from us.

we want to hear all about your summer & school days! what'd you do over the summer? are your teachers nice? what classes are you taking? you can also contact us at

until next time Rainy Day Readers :)

stay in school ^.^

Sunday, August 5, 2012

pitango gelato

I'm a big fan of frozen dairy treats, and gelato is number two on my list (the first is ice cream). Wherever I travel, I always keep an eye out for a local gelato or ice cream place to try. I was in Washington, D.C. lately and had to try their famous Pitango Gelato place out.

They serve coffee & tea, gelato, sherbet, and frozen yogurt. They are by far my favorite gelato place that I have ever visited, and I've visited a few to be fair. They have many different flavors and you can half-and-half any flavors you want. I tried vanilla chocolate chip (which was extraordinary), and a mixture of the lemon and raspberry sorbet (which was also extraordinary). The texture is not too heavy or light, and it's got the richest flavors. *Psst, the hazelnuts are imported directly from Italy!* Pitango's got a lot of interesting history (their founder was a software engineer who decided to change his ways to make gelato) and it's got amazing customer service. They're also NOW HIRING, if you live in the area!!

I give it 10 of 10 stars. To others, it may seem a bit pricy but the gelato is worth it. The flavors are rich and absolutely phenomenal and I can't wait to go back again. :) I recommend it to anyone -- groups of friends, family members, or just you by yourself.

:) (from

Location: 413 7th St NW     Washington, D.C. 20004     Neighborhood: Penn Quarter

Contact: (202) 885-9607

Nearest Transit Station: Archives Metro Station (green, yellow)     Gallery Place Chinatown Metro Station (green, red, yellow)        Judiciary Square Metro Station (red)

Hours: Mon - Thu  7 am - 11 pm
Fri  7 am - 12 am
Sat  11 am - 12 am
Sun  11 am - 11 pm

Price Range (on's scale): $$

Accepts Credit Cards: yes

Parking: street

Outdoor seating: no

WiFi: free

Wheelchair Accessible: yes

General Rating on 4 1/2 stars (by's scale) out of 5

little korea?!

little korea is a fusion restaurant with korean food along with some vietnamese food (Pho). little korea is a local restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana (3301 S Claiborne Ave, ZIP 70125)

they have a wide selection of wonderful korean food including kimchi, spring rolls, fried dumpling, spicy chicken wing, pork cheese katsu, LA Galbi, jaeyook bok eum, and for the kids they offer kid-sized meals that are completed with rice, miso soup, and mac. salad. :)

The service is OK, but it does take a while for your food to come out...although once you get it, you will realize that that wait was worth it. little korea is very kid friendly, and even plays korean pop music (Kpop!) while you eat.

My rating? 8 out of 10 stars.

I deducted points due to the fact that they might want to mop more, and two dirty tables were just sitting there. The waitress was nice, but almost refused to give my younger brother a spoon.
Overall, I DO recommend Little Korea for a simple lunch with a few friends.


Hours: Mon - Sat  11 am - 8 pm

Good for Groups: yes

Accepts Credit Cards: some

Attire: casual

Price Range (on's scale): $$

Good for Kids: yes

Delivery: no

Takeout: yes (but it does take a while)

Waiter Service: yes

Outdoor Seating: no

Alcohol: no

Noise Level: average

Has TV: no (yes but they don't use it)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 London Summer Olympics

Hey Rainy Day Readers (thank you to the fan that named you all!)...are you guys excited for the 2012 Summer Olympics based in London, England? Did you watch the interesting opening ceremony Friday night? Are you excited for the rest of the competitions? Comment below on which event you're most psyched for and which athlete!

**EDIT: I know a lot of you are disappointed about some of your favorite ex-Olympians not competing this year -- Nastia Liukin, for example -- and that some of your other favorites aren't winning -- Michael Phelps, anyone? Comments on this! ^.^ We'll keep you updated on the games! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

freerice, the website is a wonderful website where you can learn join groups, learn subjects, studying, and more. For every question the you answer correctly, freerice donates 10 grains of rice to those in need of food. you can choose what subject you want to do, then answer the multiple choice questions :)

this is a wonderful website that helps not only you, but those truly in need of help.

Questions? Comments? Write them below!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

just a little shout-out...

i just wanna say a little goodbye and good luck to my doggie who recently passed away due to cancer......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

we're shifting around

hello! it's the TRDR team (thank you to our fan that named us -- that is now our official name ^.^)

we want you to know that we're adjusting The Rainy Day Reporter site around! we might be down for a few days at a time :( but we will try to get the process done ASAP! it'll only be minor shifting and we'll let you know of our new developments. what would YOU like to see on the new TRDR? comments please! ^.^

TRDR's list of restaurant musts!

no matter where you are...try to get a hold of these restaurants! (i admit, some of these are local! that does not necessarily mean i live in that location, so there will be plenty of all-around local eateries ^.^! i've listed them with asterisks)

no particular order ^.^
1. Little Man Ice Cream*
Absolutely the best local ice cream I've ever had. The flavors change every day. They serve gelato, sherbet, and ice cream...and they specialize in all ^.^ The price is cheap but I love the flavors I've tried (I recommend---out of the ice cream---hazelnut, oatmeal cookie, salted oreo, chocolate, vanilla bean, chocolate chip cookie dough). Great customer service.

2. Proto's
It's delicious pizza! For you thin-crust lovers out there, this is the thinnest pizza...and so delicious. They've got make-your-own and many Proto's specials too. I like the White Pie :) They've got so many different toppings you can add...and there's no burn spots! This Proto's Pizza is just right. <3

3. I Luv Frogurt*
Currently there are only two in Louisiana (one in Meterie and one in Slidell) and I'm not sure if it's branching out or not...but I'm in love with this self-serve froyo. The flavors change (biweekly? weekly?) and you can mix & match. The consistency is not too heavy and the price is great! I've tried nearly all the flavors & all are great! Good customer service.

4. Krispy Kreme's
I hope all of you know this donut place...because it's my favorite <3 yes, I like Shipley's and All-American Donuts and everything else, but I love Krispy Kreme's the most! I think it's pretty self explanitory. There's plenty all around America ;)

5. Crepevine
The most delicious place for crepes! Yummy yummy! Easy make-your-own crepe, or choose from one of their standard delicious ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's pretty self explanitory. I love. <3

6. Cowbell*
This is a neighborhood restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has a special secret sauce that goes wonderfully on anything on the menu. They have daily soups, appetizers, desserts, you name it! Sit at the bar and socialize with the staff (sometimes I wonder if they are hired because of their sense of humor). This may be one of my all-time favorite restaurants. :)
hope you enjoy this short list of yummy restaraunts!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Teen Choice Awards

the TCA's are out! did you watch yesterday? here we have our list of winners for Teen Choice 2012!
we cast more than 134 million votes for our nominees! (from the Teen Choice Awards official website)

TEEN CHOICE 2012 winners include:
Choice Movie: Action
Choice Movie Actor: Action
Taylor Lautner, "Abduction"  
Choice Movie Actress: Action
Zoe Saldana, "Colombiana"  
Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
"The Hunger Games"  
Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Josh Hutcherson, "The Hunger Games" and "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island"  
Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Jennifer Lawrence, "The Hunger Games"   
Choice Movie: Drama
"The Lucky One"  
Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Zac Efron, "The Lucky One"  
Choice Movie Actress: Drama
Emma Stone, "The Help"   
Choice Movie: Comedy
"21 Jump Street"  
Choice Movie Actor: Comedy
Channing Tatum, "21 Jump Street"  
  Choice Movie Actress: Comedy
Emma Stone, "Crazy, Stupid, Love."  
Choice Movie: Romance
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1""  
Choice Movie Actor: Romance
Zac Efron, "The Lucky One"  
Choice Movie Actress: Romance
Kristen Stewart, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1"   
Choice Movie Voice
Taylor Swift as Audrey, "Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax"  
Choice Movie Chemistry
Jennifer Lawrence and Amandla Stenberg, "The Hunger Games"  
Choice Movie Liplock
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, "The Hunger Games"  
Choice Movie Hissy Fit
Charlize Theron, "Snow White & The Huntsman"  
Choice Movie Villain
Alexander Ludwig, "The Hunger Games"  
Choice Movie Scene Stealer: Male
Liam Hemsworth, "The Hunger Games"  
Choice Movie Scene Stealer: Female
Ashley Greene, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1"  
Choice Movie Breakout
Rihanna, "Battleship"  
Choice Summer Movie: Action
"The Avengers"  
Choice Summer Movie: Comedy/Music
"Katy Perry: Part of Me"  
Choice Summer Movie Star: Male
Chris Hemsworth, "Snow White & The Huntsman" and "The Avengers"  
Choice Summer Movie Star: Female
Kristen Stewart, "Snow White & The Huntsman"  
Choice TV Show: Drama
"Pretty Little Liars"   
Choice TV Actor: Drama
Ian Harding, "Pretty Little Liars"  
Choice TV Actress: Drama
Lucy Hale, "Pretty Little Liars"  
Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
"The Vampire Diaries"  
Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Ian Somerhalder, "The Vampire Diaries"  
Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Nina Dobrev, "The Vampire Diaries"  
Choice TV Show: Action
"CSI: Miami"   
Choice TV Actor: Action
Adam Rodriguez, "CSI: Miami" Choice TV Actress: Action
Linda Hunt, "NCIS: Los Angeles"  
Choice TV Show: Comedy
Choice TV Actor: Comedy
Chris Colfer, GLEE  
Choice TV Actress: Comedy
Lea Michele, GLEE  
Choice TV: Animated Show
Choice TV: Male Personality
Simon Cowell, THE X FACTOR  
Choice TV: Female Personality
Jennifer Lopez, AMERICAN IDOL  
Choice TV: Reality Competition Show
Choice TV: Reality Show
Choice TV: Male Reality Star
Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, "Jersey Shore" and "The Pauly D Project"  
Choice TV: Female Reality Star
The Kardashians, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"  
Choice Summer TV Show
"Teen Wolf"   
Choice Summer TV Star: Female
Troian Bellisario, "Pretty Little Liars"   
Choice Summer TV Star: Male
Tyler Posey, "Teen Wolf"  
Choice TV Villain
Janel Parrish, "Pretty Little Liars"   
Choice TV Female Scene Stealer
Candice Accola, "The Vampire Dairies"  
Choice TV Male Scene Stealer
Michael Trevino, "The Vampire Diaries"  
Choice TV Breakout Show
Choice TV Breakout Star: Female
Hannah Simone, NEW GIRL  
Choice TV Breakout Star: Male
Beau Mirchoff, "Awkward"  
Choice Male Artist
Justin Bieber  
Choice Female Artist
Taylor Swift  
Choice Music Group
Selena Gomez & The Scene    
Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist
Nicki Minaj  
Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song
"Starships," Nicki Minaj  
Choice Rock Group
Choice Rock Song
"Paradise," Coldplay  
Choice Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Artist
David Guetta  
Choice Single by a Group
"We Are Young," fun. featuring Janelle MonĂ¡e  
Choice Single by a Female Artist
"Eyes Open," Taylor Swift  
Choice Single by a Male Artist
"Boyfriend," Justin Bieber  
Choice Male Country Artist
Hunter Hayes  
Choice Female Country Artist
Taylor Swift  
Choice Country Song
"Sparks Fly," Taylor Swift  
Choice Country Group
Lady Antebellum  
Choice Summer Song
"Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen  
Choice Love Song
"What Makes You Beautiful," One Direction  
Choice Break-Up Song
"Payphone," Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa  
Choice Summer Music Star: Female
Demi Lovato  
Choice Summer Music Star: Male
Justin Bieber  
Choice Summer Music Star: Group
One Direction  
Choice Music: Breakout Artist
Carly Rae Jepsen  
Choice Music: Breakout Group
One Direction  
Choice Fashion Icon: Female
Katy Perry  
Choice Fashion Icon: Male
Justin Bieber  
Choice Female Hottie
Miley Cyrus  
Choice Male Hottie
Ian Somerhalder  
Choice Female Athlete
Serena Williams (Tennis)  
Choice Male Athlete
David Beckham (Soccer)  
Choice Book "The Hunger Games" trilogy, Suzanne Collins  
Choice Comedian
Ellen DeGeneres  
Choice Twit
Demi Lovato  
Choice Web Star
Sophia Grace and Rosie  
Choice Video Game
Just Dance 3  
Choice Social Network

your trend #5

every so often, The Rainy Day Reporter will post a 'your trend' with cool things! cute outfits, new gadgets, dream houses -- your way to keep up on new trends and items! subscribe to The Rainy Day Reporter to receive these trends in your inbox every week!

Who wants this awesome iPhone case? It looks like a camera...but can you tell that the iPhone is laying down on its side?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

TLC's cheer perfection

Maybe you've heard of Lifetime's hit show Dance Moms or TLC's other famous show, Toddlers & Tiaras. Both of which focus on a competitive practice of some kind, and TLC has just added a new show to the ring - Cheer Perfection. Cheer Perfection features Cheer Time Revolution, a cheer studio in Sherwood, Arkansas, and its students and coaches. Alisha Dunlap pushes her cheerleaders to be the best, and so do the mothers. Cheer Perfection is filled with 'overplayed parent drama,' 'excitement,' and 'catfights.' Did you tune into the special episode on Wednesday? Comments!!

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total spa day *updated*

Here's a total spa package that will make you and your friends feel like absolute princesses! Enjoy.


Start your spa day by washing your face off with your favorite face wash, then moisturize so the water doesn't dry out your skin.

Afterwards, do your favorite steam. Mine is a peppermint steam. Heat up your 4 cups of water and pour it into a bowl. Add 8 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Then use a mask! I recommend a sheet mask or one of bubzbeauty's natural masks, but you can do whatever you'd like. Don't forget to slice some cucumbers for those eyes :) This will make you feel refreshed and as though you have just had a wonderful night's rest.


It is very easy to take care of your hands. To start off, rub some olive oil into your hands, fingers, and fingernails. This moisturizes your hands. Then soak your hands in a small tub of warm water. Then moisturize with normal moisturizer. :)


You can do any soak you want for your feet...
Use warm tap water (you may heat it up in the microwave, if you'd like) and add the things of your choice. My favorite is the pineapple foot soak. All you have to add to your water is 2 cups of pineapple juice. :) You can also check out a few other soaks here that you might like to try.

Soak for about 10 minutes.

If you want to, massage your feet with canola or olive oil (I prefer canola). These massages feel absolutely wonderful!


After you've finished everything else, take a bath. You can make it smell and feel best by adding a few herbs into it (make sure that you take them out before you drain the water). Or you can choose an oatmeal bath, which softens and adds nutrients to your skin. Bubble baths are fun too! Just relax in your tub and read a magazine or something like that... Feel relaxed??

Any comments?? Place them below!! Enjoy ^-^

Saturday, July 21, 2012

your trend #4

every so often, The Rainy Day Reporter will post a 'your trend' with cool things! cute outfits, new gadgets, dream houses -- your way to keep up on new trends and items! subscribe to The Rainy Day Reporter to receive these trends in your inbox every week!

Modern house :) The chic, clean, black-white-with-pop look is a forthcoming trend. Comment below if you want this house!

your trend #3

every so often, The Rainy Day Reporter will post a 'your trend' with cool things! cute outfits, new gadgets, dream houses -- your way to keep up on new trends and items! subscribe to The Rainy Day Reporter to receive these trends in your inbox every week!

'EVE' - This carefree, lovely outfit just screams 'summer evening fun.' This white shirt is easy, breezy, beautiful just like CoverGirl, and gives you the look like it too. You can easily exchange this top for a flowy blouse or something less lacy if it doesn't match your style. The jean-shorts make it easy to have fun in the summer sun, and the sunglasses? Self-explained! Pair this outfit up with cute flowered sandals, a nice plain tote or purse (you don't want anything too sparkly or glam) and a nice white chunky bracelet. A loose braid or soft curls would really enhance this outfit. Neutral, light, or naked makeup would also work.

blogtime reappearance?

hello everyone. you might know of our second blog Blogtime with Evy and Gracie. a few months ago gracie and I decided to create a new blog, The Rainy Day Reporter! we told everyone we would be shutting down the Blogtime site, however we just reopened it. we're debating on whether or not we should reclose it...or hold open *both* blogs! would you like to see Blogtime with Evy and Gracie back again? or would you rather us just focus on TRDR? comment below :)

minty face steam =^-^=

this steam may not look so fancy, but the results say something else! 

You will need:
a kettle
a measuring cup (1 cup)
a large bowl
3-6 herbal tea bags 
a towel

1. Use your measuring cup to measure 4 cups of water.

2. Pour the water into your kettle and then heat it up as though you are making tea. 


3. Pour the heated water into your large bowl. Put the tea bags in.

photo.JPG         photo.JPG

4. Sit down and put your face over the bowl so that the steam can open up your pores. Put your towel over your head so that the steam can't escape.

5. Enjoy your steam for 5-10 minutes, then rinse your face off with COOL water. 


You should feel refreshed as though you had a wonderful night's sleep. Do a steam once a week, but no more! 

Any comments?? Write them below! =^-^=

Friday, July 13, 2012

your trend #2

every so often, The Rainy Day Reporter will post a 'your trend' with cool things! cute outfits, new gadgets, dream houses -- your way to keep up on new trends and items! subscribe to The Rainy Day Reporter to receive these trends in your inbox every week!

today's trend -- 'ANNA.' This sophisticated yet chic outfit is very appealing to the eye and is sure to get you noticed on the streets, at an event, or simply at a day at work. The peachy-pale dress is simple, but when accentuated by the thin brown belt and color scheme, it really pops out. The peep toe open back heels in a matching color help bring an even look to the outfit, and it's balanced out by a cute green clutch, necklace, and ring. Golden bangles bring out the small amount of the color in the ring and necklace. It's a very even, balanced outfit. Loose, long curls would look best with this outfit.

your trend #1

every so often, The Rainy Day Reporter will post a 'your trend' with cool things! cute outfits, new gadgets, dream houses -- your way to keep up on new trends and items! subscribe to The Rainy Day Reporter to receive these trends in your inbox every week!

today's trend -- 'COURTNEY.' This is an easygoing, trendy outfit. It's chic enough to wear to a girlfriend's party, but comfortable and casual enough to just wear around town. The slight neckline and nearly off-shoulder style is hot, and the sequins in the pattern of a rose make it cute and fabulous. The jeans are casual but attractive, without trying to look too hard. The bracelet is an attention grabber, something sparkly and new, but it doesn't take away from the outfit enhances the silver-navy color scheme. You can pair this outfit with cute silver flats or sexy open-toe ankle boots. A silver barrette or loose braid + sunglasses would really complete this look.

abercrombie kids sale

abercrombie kids is hosting a 50% off redlines sale, in-store and online. 
Catch this deal while it is still available to get cute clothes for a good price.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

yogurt face mask

how to get beautiful celebrity skin! 
this face mask is nothing new, but the results have never looked better. it's simple, it's all-natural, and it's good for your skin!

What You'll Need
  • plain (preferably nonfat) yogurt. and that's it! there's nothing else!
1. Set aside a generous amount of yogurt into a bowl. Keep adding more if need be!
2. Use a foundation brush/spoon/just your hands to spread the yogurt over your face, avoiding precious areas like your eyes and mouth. A couple of layers is best. (Note: it can get messy! Use a towel "bib" if you need to!) 
3. Let it sit for about 15 - 20 minutes. You will feel the mask really tightening on your face.
4. After the set amount of time, wash off your mask with warm water. Be sure to wash off gently -- you don't want to undo the effects your yogurt mask did!
5. Now enjoy your beautiful, clear skin.

the yogurt tightens pores, makes your skin look clearer and brighter, and most of all its fun!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"let it shine," a new nickelodeon movie

Nickelodeon presents "Let it Shine," starring Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson, and Brandon Mychal Smith. Tyler James Williams portrays Cyrus DeBarge, a shy and talented rapper/songwriter who writes a song about his childhood friend and famous singer, Roxie Andrews, and enters it in a contest she sponsors. However, identities are mixed up and his songwriting name, "Truth," is mistakenly believed to belong to his best friend Kris McDuffy, who begins to win Roxie's heart. Cyrus must convince his father that his music can be viewed positively and reveal his identity. The TV-only film comes out June 15, 2012.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"jane by design" returns

ABC Family's Jane By Design returns from it's mid-season break tonight at 9 p.m.! We're all on our toes to see what goes down next. From, we get a recap of the finale...

High school student Jane (Erica Dasher) thinks she's applying for an internship with world-famous fashion designer Gray Chandler Murray (Andie McDowell), but she's offered a full-time job! The only people that know she's living a double life are her older brother, Ben (David Clayton Rogers) and her BFF, Billy (Nick Roux).
Billy was dating cool-girl Lulu (Meagan Tandy), but when she didn't want to take things public, he broke it off. His breakup comes back to haunt him when he's arrested for helping his misguided brother, Tommy (Rob Mayes), rob a bank - and his judge is Lulu's dad! He was sentenced to spend several months in juvenile hall - but not before telling Jane he's been crushing on her!
Billy's confession was complicated by the fact that Jane's cute coworker, Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) was also about to confess his love to Jane right before getting a text message from Gray's ex-husband, Beau (Oded Fehr). Oh, and did we mention Jane's boy toy, Nick (Matthew Atkinson) kissed Lulu? Yes, our girl Jane is totally right to be confused.
Meanwhile, at work, Jane accused her coworker India (India De Beaufort) of stealing Gray's company's lookbook (she did steal Jane's wedding dress designs earlier) - and she was fired on the spot! We later find out that Jeremy's been leaking designs to Gray's ex-husband all along - and felt totally guilty for hating India's pretentiousness all season.
(by Devin Alessio from Seventeen Magazine)

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