Thursday, June 7, 2012

"let it shine," a new nickelodeon movie

Nickelodeon presents "Let it Shine," starring Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson, and Brandon Mychal Smith. Tyler James Williams portrays Cyrus DeBarge, a shy and talented rapper/songwriter who writes a song about his childhood friend and famous singer, Roxie Andrews, and enters it in a contest she sponsors. However, identities are mixed up and his songwriting name, "Truth," is mistakenly believed to belong to his best friend Kris McDuffy, who begins to win Roxie's heart. Cyrus must convince his father that his music can be viewed positively and reveal his identity. The TV-only film comes out June 15, 2012.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"jane by design" returns

ABC Family's Jane By Design returns from it's mid-season break tonight at 9 p.m.! We're all on our toes to see what goes down next. From, we get a recap of the finale...

High school student Jane (Erica Dasher) thinks she's applying for an internship with world-famous fashion designer Gray Chandler Murray (Andie McDowell), but she's offered a full-time job! The only people that know she's living a double life are her older brother, Ben (David Clayton Rogers) and her BFF, Billy (Nick Roux).
Billy was dating cool-girl Lulu (Meagan Tandy), but when she didn't want to take things public, he broke it off. His breakup comes back to haunt him when he's arrested for helping his misguided brother, Tommy (Rob Mayes), rob a bank - and his judge is Lulu's dad! He was sentenced to spend several months in juvenile hall - but not before telling Jane he's been crushing on her!
Billy's confession was complicated by the fact that Jane's cute coworker, Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) was also about to confess his love to Jane right before getting a text message from Gray's ex-husband, Beau (Oded Fehr). Oh, and did we mention Jane's boy toy, Nick (Matthew Atkinson) kissed Lulu? Yes, our girl Jane is totally right to be confused.
Meanwhile, at work, Jane accused her coworker India (India De Beaufort) of stealing Gray's company's lookbook (she did steal Jane's wedding dress designs earlier) - and she was fired on the spot! We later find out that Jeremy's been leaking designs to Gray's ex-husband all along - and felt totally guilty for hating India's pretentiousness all season.
(by Devin Alessio from Seventeen Magazine)

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