Saturday, September 8, 2012

best conditioner for all types of hair!

hey everyone, it's the TRDR Team!(:

Recently I've been searching for the perfect conditioner. I have pin-straight hair that doesn't really ever give me problems, but I still want to make sure it's healthy, shiny, and flowing like those TV commercials! Recently I've come across a really great conditioner for frizzy, dry, straight, curly, healthy, shiny, dull, and every-other-type hair.

Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo 
In my eyes, it is undoubtedly the best conditioner I've ever tried. On the bottle it claims that it's for 'dry or frizzy hair' but mine is neither and it still nourishes it. In less than a week of using it, my hair is already naturally softer, shinier, and doesn't tangle as easily! Look at that! It's really amazing, and I'm happy with the results. You can purchase it here really cheaply! I recommend this to anyone that's searching for a great conditioner.

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