Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS6 & iPhone5 - Apple's back!

Even after the loss of Steve Jobs (rest in peace, and thank you for changing all of our lives), Apple is still going on strong. The Rainy Day Reporter is here to update you on their newest progress.

iPhone 5 - Apple's iPhone 5 looks pretty similar to the iPhone4S, until you look closely. The screen is longer and the phone is thinner. It comes in two colors each, and the above shows you black and slate. According to Apple: "It's made completely of glass and aluminum." It's also got 4G, and it's coming to your favorite networks: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint now. It'll also have Apple's free software, iOS6, built in. It's lighter than the 4S and 4 before it and it's faster. The current price range? $199-$399, but TRDR thinks its worth it.

iOS6 - It's free, and can be downloaded onto iPhone3G and after (Although 3G won't get Siri). We've tested it out on our own iTouches & iPhones, and we've got to's pretty cool. A downside? They deleted the YouTube app and Google Maps. A plus side...Apple's got it's own new map program, already installed in. (Psst, you can get those individual apps on the app store, but they aren't the same as the built-in kind Apple deleted.) Panorama camera is now available and it works MUCH better than other apps you can get. Siri's better, too! You have the option of answering a call, reminding you later of a call, or replying with an automatic SMS to the caller. Facebook is now integrated into the system better, so it's easy to share. There's also 'shared photo streams,' which means you basically select photos you want to share and just email/SMS them to certain recipients! So much easier than uploading the photos to your computer or emailing a lot one-by-one. There's also FaceTime over cell networks, letting you FaceTime anytime anywhere. An updated interface for music, app store, iTunes, settings, and mail finishes off the upgrade.

Overall? 2 Thumbs Up!

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